Psycho-Geometrics is a powerful tool to identify and leverage unique strengths.

Linda Thompson is a certified and licensed consultant in the practice of Psycho-Geometrics™.


Psycho-Geometrics™ will lead you toward:

  • Improved relationships with your colleagues, boss, subordinates, or team members
  • A more effective method of dealing with “difficult people”
  • Better understanding of your customers’ styles and how to best sell or service them
  • Knowledge of how best to present your ideas to others
  • Tools to help you make positive impressions on other people

Psycho-Geometrics™ is a proven system that analyzes personality and relationship styles using five geometric shapes as its basis. Through the use of Psycho-Geometrics™, individuals, families, small businesses and large corporations have experienced the power of positive change. Psycho-Geometrics™ has been integrated into the business practices of some of the world’s largest corporations, such as United Airlines, IBM, Chevrolet Motors, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Eli Lilly, Xerox, and FedEx.

Using Psycho-Geometrics™ as a starting point, we will create a custom program that focuses on team building, better communication, stronger relationships, conflict resolution, and overall improvement of your work or personal situation.

There are countless ways that Psycho-Geometrics™ can improve your professional or personal life. Ready to get started?

Psycho-Geometrics and improving your professional or personal life