About Linda

Change Management Consultant

After decades of successfully managing large business operations and leading complex IT projects, Linda understands the value of creating better flow, communication skills and relational environments within the workplace. She has successfully created and implemented new workflow designs for some of the most prominent players in modern commerce, including FedEx, Starbucks, Nissan, Kaiser Permanente, Smith and Nephew, and Asurion along with numerous small and medium clients in the automotive, healthcare and education industries.

She is a licensed and certified consultant in Psycho-Geometrics™, a personality assessment program that leverages the unique strengths of teams, families, and individuals that helps to improve interpersonal and communication skills. Linda is also a certified facilitator in the Lean methodology, which is designed to improve the customer experience using a systematic approach to eliminate waste and accelerate performance within corporate environments.

Linda draws from her vast experience and qualifications as she works alongside businesses, teams, and leaders to create customized turnkey solutions that will lower costs, increase quality, and improve the customer experience, but her work is not limited to business environments. In addition to her knack for corporate improvement, Linda also enjoys working with individuals and families to improve their personal lives. Her knowledge has helped families navigate change and difficult situations.

Big Transformations seeks to provide memorable and sustainable programs that will harness the power of positive change in work and in life.

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